Sydney and Lexi Stark’s parents learned that their twins were going to be born conjoined suddenly, and without warning. The doctors were able to show their parents pictures of how the lower half of the two girls were forming together, rather than independently. They were terrified after learned that less than 50 percent of conjoined twins ever make it out of the womb alive.

To make matters worse, only 35 percent of conjoined twins make it through their first day on this earth – if they make it out at all. Sydney and Lexi have been defying the odds since the very beginning!

The twins were born happy, healthy, and safe. Their parents couldn’t have asked for more, and they prayed that their daughters would make it to their second day – and many, many more after it.

The babies were attached on their lower halves, right around their hips. Doctors warned that if it wasn’t corrected soon, they may never be able to be separated. But that wasn’t the only complication.

So their parents were faced with a tough decision. Get the surgery and risk the lives of their twin babies, or refuse it and cause them suffering for the rest of their days. They wanted their daughters to have the best lives they possibly could, so they opted for the surgery at the end of the day.

Sydney and Lexi shared a spinal cord and intestines, but doctors were confident they could figure out how to make it work. Hours passed in the cold waiting room until finally the nurse appeared and let the parents know that everything went perfectly well!

They are 17 years old now and were recently featured by Megyn Kelly on her popular NBC show.  While they remain incredibly close, the two have led their own lives too in the years since their separation.

“We both are outgoing in very different ways,” Sydney said. “I tend to go for it first, then she will after me.”

They are still close in ways that other people can’t possibly imagine. They revert back to sleep in the “conjoined twin” position if they are napping in the same bed! So no matter how old these wonderful young women get, they will always have a very special, unique relationship.

The twins also discussed, “twin senses.” Sydney shared a story about one time she was receiving a shot at the hospital, and her sister was at home. They were only 5 or 6 years old, but this is apparently a potent memory.

“I was getting a shot. And it was a painful shot. I was unbothered, and my parents were on the phone, and my dad was telling my mom that my sister was freaking out, and she was in tears and hysterics.” Sydney continued. “I’m just getting the shot and nothing was happening.”

These miracle twins are taking life one day at a time, and they don’t take any of it for granted. Sydney and Lexi have already beaten the odds, but they have a lot of life left to live!

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